Hi Everyone, As I can’t currently play League due to injury, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out something I’ve always wanted to – coaching. I’m only a Platinum player myself, so for that reason I will only be offering coaching to Bronze, Silver, and low Gold level players. I was also a mid-high Masters level player in Starcraft II, so I have a solid understanding of what’s required to improve at a game – particularly in terms of mindset. What sessions will consist of: -Quick discussion about your goals/expectations in League and your mentality/approach to the game -Going over your replay together (we will use Skype screen-share so you can follow in real time) -Q&A of anything you’d like answered If you’d like to focus on anything in particular during the session, I’m happy to accommodate – just let me know. If you would like coaching, or have any questions, please add me on Skype (xenox99) P.S. It's preferable if students main Mid lane. Some information will carry over to other lanes, but you will get the most benefit if you play to focus on Mid.
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