Regarding PreSeason Complaints

Seeing a lot of posts complaining about the BE and Rune changes. First of all, runes we're basically irrelevant for 90% of the playerbase, you had one for ad and one for ap. If you didnt you were weaker so you just did, there was no interactivity with the old system. This is a fresh take on what was an obsolete part of the game, merging them with masteries to remove some of the confusion and making them more fun to play around rather than the very basic upgrades from masteries. Secondly on runes, it's been out for a couple days. Lots of problems are arising and **thats the point of PRESEASON**, if by the time next season starts these problems still exist then sure, you can call riot worthless and garbage all you like but they just released a huge revamp and you're suprised that there are some kinks And regarding the posts about how slow BE is achieved, how much have you honestly played and remember from Riot's perspective. If they overtune this feature they lose revenue, which to you might sound like Rito being greedy bastards but its how the world works, they need money to function. So while it might be slow, until people start reaching atleast ~50 its hard to judge what kind of rewards you get. **And even then it's still preseason so they might just, you know, increase it?**
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