Who balances this game?

Riot balance team is the most biased group of people in the world, for some reason they allow certain champs to be in meta no matter the circumstances. Let us take Zed for instance, Zed is a really powerful champ, one of the if not the most powerful midlaner, he has been for a long time, almost everyone but zed mains want his kit to be made weaker as the only real counter to him is getting a zhonya's, which a real good zed can easily counter by murdering you with his shuriken attack. Then there is also Darius, who got buffed a month ago, because Riot was afraid he would fall out of the meta? As for adcs and supports, them rito actually sometimes balances right. Jungle is another thing where the meta always has this one champ, did you guess who he is? If uou guessed Lee Sin you are correct, for some reason Lee is always in the meta too. Out of the 3 previously mentioned champs, the only one whose gameplay is very focused on skill is Lee Sin, as in order to lay him well one must master his combos, Darius on the other hand is a walk in the park and wins most lanes easily without requiring much skill to use, Zed is more neutral, as he is not hard to learn at all, but once mastered is a real beast who can fulfill any weaaboo emo kid's dreams of flashy plays. I realize rito is after some big profits which is the actual reason why some champs can be better by a margin than others, but I think it would be fun for some champs who have been dead for a while to rise in to the meta, as the current one feels boring in every aspect.
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