This wasn't an S performance,

Ok, playing Lucian and I have Ashe support who basically is just a weaker adc. My final score is 23/7/10 which got me A+, her score was 12/8/18 which got her S+ Lets look at basically all aspects of the game and compare! **CS** _Me:_ 226 (highest in game) _Her:_ 102 **Gold** _Me:_ 21090 (highest in game) _Her:_ 16228 **Turrets** _Me:_ 3 _Her:_ 3 **Damage Dealt To Champions** _Me:_ 49222 _Her:_ 30169 **Damage Dealt** _Me:_ 250523 _Her:_ 133141 **Inhibitors Destroyed** _Me:_ 3 (Highest in game) _Her:_ 0 **Largest Multi Kill** _Me:_ 2 _Her:_ 2 **Largest Killing Spree** _Me:_ 8 (Highest in game) _Her:_ 4 **Wards Placed** _Me:_ 19 (Highest in game) _Her:_ 17 **Wards Destroyed** _Me:_ 3 (Highest in game) _Her:_ 2 **Vision Wards** _Me:_ 2 (Highest in game) _Her:_ 0 **Neutral Minions Killed** _Me:_ 14 _Her:_ 3 **KDA** _Me:_ 8 (Highest in game) _Her:_ 4 Someone kindly explain wtf I need to do in order to get an S. What exactly do I improve on when my scores are across the board the highest in the game and then this Ashe, somehow, gets an S+.
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