there is nothing wrong with anyone in this game nor the updates

There is nothing wrong with the way anyone plays this game, they are all very skilled and great at decision making. im glad their is still ezreal adc's that believe they can out damage any other adc. im glad their is still mid laners that still ping missing instead of rotating. im glad supports dont following their adc's around and try to make plays elswhere. im glad there is still jglers that never gank top because they believe that if bot lane wins they've won the game. and im glad there is top laners that never split push or wave control. you people make this game great and playable. im glad there is still people typing in all chat more than they are actually controlling their champ. im glad this is a team game and no matter how skilled or ahead you are you can no longer solo carry a game. im glad my games are always a challenge no matter what. im glad i could get a 10 game wining streak and get 99LP just to play another 30-40min game for 1LP and hit promos to get the teams im explaining. this game is awesome!!!! and im even more glad that you gut ornn and leave zoe alone. im glad this game is so rewarding for your own skill level and knowledge of the game. im glad everyone understands how easy this game is to play. thank you riot company im glad you guys listen and balance the game just right.
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