Dear Junglers

Dear Jungles of all Elo, I would just like to address an issue that most low Elo players would ignore despite the fact that it could be the difference between winning games and losing games, this applies mostly to how to deal with top laners. As we all know, knowing if an enemy has any summoners before a gank would greatly impact the outcome, but more importantly, knowing what summoners the enemy has will create a garunteed outcome if one knows the stratigic plan to abuse it. We all know that there will always be a top laner, be it your team or enemy team that brings ignite from time to time, there is a way that you can abuse the enemy for taking that summoner, or help your laner to abuse his summoner on the enemy. For one, you must realise that because the enemy top laner has ignite, they are most likely going to play aggressive for early first blood or kill preasure to zone the other laner of CS. You can use this to your advantage knowing that the enemy will be pushed up and try for an early gank, chances are by the third wave of minion around four minutes in, the enemy will be pushed up to your laners turret, use this opotunity to gank your laner getting them a headstart. As we know that the enemy does not have Teleport, abuse that fact, and help your laner shove the wave into the enemies turret, by helping your laner push, you are garunteeing their safety against the enemy jungler, not only that , but you are making the enemy lose CS as they go to waste by being exacuted by the turrets. This will not only garuntee that your laner will not be needing any help soon, but will also garuntee you free gold and experience by helping your laner push the wave. Just be careful to not over extend when the wave has been shoved in. Using this strategy, you can be asured that your top laner will have a lead thefore allowing you to preasure other lanes in order for them to win knowing that your top laner will not need your help anytime soon. If your laner is the one with ignite, be cautious that the enemy jungler is looking for an easy gank, be on gaurd for a countergank and always take not of the time before you attempt to counter, make sure to notify your top laner then you are there when needed so when the time comes, they will be prepared. As your top laner has ignite, it will be an easy 2v2 asuming you both are prepare, getting an easy double kill. Since your top laner has ignite, this will be the start of the snowball as the enemies are either forced to farm under turret or call for a junglers help. As soon as you spot the enemy jungler heading top, warn your top laner so they can be prepared, if you are heading or near top side, you could go for another counter gank, but if you are not, you could use this knowledge to either counter jungle the enemy, or take objectives down bottom lane like dragons or turrets. I hope this helps anyone who has trouble with ignite top laners, wheather it be the enemy snowballing, or your laner getting snowballed. - Wast3land (Top laner)
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