Just a few questions about gameplay and ranking up

Hey guys just A few questions about league and improving my gameplay and climbing. Just to take note last season I got to my S5 promos and then lost a lot in a row and I’ve recently been placed in B5 (yikes) however After a lot of tips and videos I’ve started to actually improve my skill in game knowledge I.e (warding, map awareness, when to and when not to do certain things) and started to actually climb (a bit). Keep in mind my goal silver 5. In 2 days I’ve got up to my B4 promos but lost them. However I’m constantly staying around the 60lp mark. So now that I’ve explained everything I’ll get to the questions. - in bronze do you basically just play and if you are good enough you will climb? - I am playing around counter picks, meta champions and high win rate champions based on stats on websites. Is this necessary to do in bronze? - I play around 8-12 games a week if I actually start climbing and improving more is getting to silver 5 in 1-2 months a realistic goal? - how do I deal with dc’s, feeders and teammates that just tilt and give up? - I’ve been suggested to play ahri to climb as I play mid and top in ranked. Is she a good champion to climb and if not is there any other picks anyone can recommend Ty for reading this summoners, hopefully my questions can be answered as I am super determined to get to silver or even higher in this season. :)
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