Soraka balance

As soraka is one of my mains i do love playing her. I hate vsing her. She also doesn't bring much to the table as other champs do. I'd like to see soraka's heals become less effective and a lower cooldown on equinox. overall a little more utility on soraka to make her funner to play, more effective at play making and not just a frustrating champion who completely fills her team mates life bars and ruins poking phase. I feel that her equinox damage is too high and scales too well with AP but has a too high cooldown, accidently KS. It should deal a total of 60 AP damage or something and have a lower cooldown. her heals should not be as strong they re very frustrating especially when poking her team and then seeing them 10 seconds later with full HP Her heals could have temporary resistance increases - so receives less damage off a heal Her starcall is kind of useless besides the self healing it brings, could make the whole area slow and the middle stun or something nice like that. Also an armour shred on starcall (she alone will not benefit from it but it does open the doors for ad Soraka which is horrible anyway) (possibly lower her base ad since she doesn't need to auto attack anyway). over all soraka lacks alot of utility but her heals are extremely annoying and she can do extremely well / extremely bad depending on the rest of the team. Giving her a bit of utility and cutting back on her healing power would be nice also a mickaels crucible ult would be nice, more decision making the player doesn't need to know how well they went. yasuo's w blocks all projectiles seems fair to me. I like playing soraka the way she is, i hate vsing her though its annoying. This is just a suggestion not saying soraka must be changed ... shes bad for the game ect.
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