OCE Language Barriers: An unsolvable issue?

I mostly play LoL for the social aspect these days. I've hit Diamond 5 which is well above where I ever thought I could get, so I mostly kick it in some ARAMs and low level normals. I love chatting to people and having a bit of fun, it's a huge aspect of gaming for me. As Australia is a largely multicultural country, our gamers come from a huge variety of countries. We get a lot of Asian migrants/students which is great for diversity. However, in gaming it creates a lot of issues due to language barriers. For example, 90% of my games today consisted of nothing but boxes in my chat. No ability to socialise, would have been even worse if I was playing seriously as I'd have no way to communicate.. I was going to maybe suggest a Match Making by location option, I'd be more than happy to wait the extra few minutes to increase my chances of getting English speaking team mates. Inb4 racist, but it is predominantly players of asian ethnicity that are the worst when it comes to flaming/abuse. If I'm playing for fun, to kick back and relax, I don't want that crap. Anyone else had similar experiences?
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