Shit matchmaking

riot, i hate your matchmaking with premades. as a solo players, i am always put in a team of 4 players deciding the flow of the game. Losing? sure they deny your surrender. Winning? Sure they camp you 4 man in a lane over and over. this is very shitty. If i play solo, please put me with other solo players, i dont care about queue times. ANother thing, premades are fine when the teams are equal....but u put me with 2 pair of 2 premades.... guess what enemy team have a full team of 5 premades. Tell me how to communicate with them, premades just have their own opinion on the matter.therefore out come is decided who has a better premades, 5man team just dive bot together and snowball from there. Pls help me to relay this. Its not that i dont want to premade, because premades just make games harder and arguments will come up, doing bad for 1 game? sure your partner block you next game. doing good for a game? tons of invites for me to join their premade team.... @ Riot Mindstar @Riot Gehirn please leave a insight on this matter.
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