Dear Shotcallers (Penitent Letter)

I feel sorry for the shotcallers in higher elo. I just played a game as Kindred jg right and had a lot of stacks. I made a call for baron at 22 mins because i overestimated my damage. The enemy team saw us and we only had the pre lv9 sweepers on me and ali. so i used mine in out and lai used his in hte river bushes near the entrance to the blue side top jungle. and we didn't sweep the lane bush in mid. the enemy team saw us and aced us. therefor throwing the game on its head and completely throwing the game upside down. it was my fault that we lost that game. mine and mine alone. my team were constantly bickering over who was the cause of the loss whether it was the jhin who "fed" vayne or the wukong who let nasus stack his q. They didn't realize my misjudgment for calling for that baron which ultimately thew the game. I feel sorry for the shot callers like C9 Hai in NA because 1 wrong call and you can lose your team the game. I realize that now and i hope i can improve on my mistake. Thank you for reading this. Also if you could let me know what would have been better to call in that situation would help alot. We had pushed mid lane out and had nasus dead. our team was Wu Kind lb jhin ali if that helps. Thanks {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} P.S Realise is spelt with a z on here because it was underlined and i can't stand having underlinded things lol. OCD maybe. Who knows.
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