lvl 20's against lvl 30's golds/silvers/bronze

TL:DR. Leveling is a nightmare. The leveling experience on oceanic server has been horrible. The toxicness, the scripters, the afks, the trolls and premades just make leveling a nightmare. Maybe I should have just spent money to transfer my account over instead of enduring something I thought was going to be building friends to play with and having fun as the last time I leveled was in season 1. 6th game in a row where the highest I've had on my team is a level 30 bronze 5 but yet the enemy team is stacked with golds/silvers and bronze. I've come here from euw due to doing my diploma of music here in Australia so I've been looking up on lolnexus and the teams are so horrifically unbalanced. It's very very hard to even carry when no one on your team is a smurf but the enemy team is stacked full of level 30's. Why do you not drag the low level on the premade up into all level 30 games instead of dragging level 30's down? It would not bother me so much if you balanced the teams but you don't, you put complete beginners against 500 - 1000+ win players. I can't be bothered with this game anymore. All the fun has be taken away from it. Shame, I love this game so much but this server's community is vile and toxic.
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