I'm tired of Ranked

I've played more than 50 games since I finished my 10 provisional games winning 8 out of 10 games and being placed into Bronze 5 as I was Bronze 1 last season. I'm always being placed with unskilled players. These people feed, don't know how to play their champions, saying that it's their first time. These people can be trolls or whatever but it keeps happening. Like my jungle wouldn't bother do dragon at all and just keep farming in the jungle and doesn't join team fights. Me, as ADC having a bad support. Probably playing support because you only get carried and just simply heal but having a bad snare aim. I am potential in carrying with my main roles - Mid, Adc, Jungle but these boundaries are getting in the way. You may tell me to carry this but it is impossible.. one person cannot hold onto the rest who are unskilled because these 4 people will drag me down till we lose. If any of those play ranked for the fun of it.. that is really wrong. Serious plays and skillful plays are required to play League no matter what elo you are in. Bronze.. Silver.. Gold.. Plat.. Diamond.. you are still required to play skillfully. The purpose of playing Ranked is to climb and it is not like PVP Normal Blind Pick where you just don't care about dying or losing because you only receive Influence points... Ranked, you receive League Points which is something we use for climbing up and move on to the next division. I hope people would understand that Ranked is a serious thing. You play Ranked to climb.. not to just play for the fun of it. If that is not the case.. then whats the point of playing when there is Blind Pick Normals? I Conclude.. I Officially gave up Ranked.
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