I can't help but feel cursed

Any game that I win, I have to absolutely hard carry out of my mind. Any game that I lose, it's because i was unable to do the above. Look at my match history. I can't get help from any other role. If one other role could just hold their own, I could climb. But seriously, every other lane/role loses. I know it sounds like an almighty whinge, but it isn't. Check my match history. I am literally getting Tops and ADCs that die 10+ times in a 20-odd-minute game. Just use today's games as an example. I am highest damage, highest kills, and literally the only one who is matching or out-levelling the enemy. I had a game where every other role was 2+ levels behind their counterpart. Is Riot punishing me like this instead of giving me a chat restriction or some shit? I feel so tin-foil-hat even thinking it, but... how... why... how am I getting such zeroes for teammates?
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