List of long time bugs in League

Hi staff, here is a list of long time bugs in league that should be pretty easy to fix. I've submitted a bug report for one of them, but can't be bothered doing seperate reports for all of them: * 'disable relative colours' doesn't work (your team is always blue whether you have it selected or not) * after spectating a game, you get some error message about performing maintenance * mega gnar icon in spectate mode is a black box (since release, was briefly fixed but then reverted to this bug again in a later patch) * some champions (e.g. garen, sivir) move as if they have broken legs in spectator mode * cannot see all chat in spectator mode anymore * when kog'maw dies, you cannot click your mouse near his arcathain surprise (passive) * friends status is often incorrect e.g. says they are in game when they aren't Thanks.
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