Transparency in Patch Notes

So Bandit was removed in 8.5 on all support items. that alone isn't a big deal right supports did get more gold on the items anyway but RIOT do us a favour next time and tell us in the patch that you removed it not a big fan of you either just making stupid mistakes or making active decisions to remove game aspects without telling us for an entire patch just to see what happens. I think we deserve to know everything that changed in the patch when you give us patch notes. I'm not your guinea pig and if i am I noticed in the first game I played that bandit was gone and now you're just gonna play it off like you removed it in 8.6. Come on I think we deserve a bit more respect than that. I know you won't see this but by any chance if you do next time at least give us the respect we deserve. If you change something we'll notice we like your game enough to care please show a little more transparency with this stuff in the future.
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