Waste of a game

Got in queue hoping to play and practice some viktor in mid. got in champ select and i have this 4 pre mades. im like since its a 4 pre made they should have some communication. so i call mid and i have a kat instalock. then i said hey i called mid and they started saying im supp and that i should stop bitching. im like what the hell im mid and they started flaming me. this is in champ select. i went in game and i had to support as viktor. i couldnt do much but i got flammed the whole game and i didnt say anything bad to them. this is BS and a waste of time. i get flammed all game by a 4 man pre made and had to loose my role but i get flammed all game and i couldnt even defend myself. i muted them but this is not fun at all. pls someone tell me what i shoudl do the next time i encounter this
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