Can some one Tell me how to counter Yasuo?

OK sersoiuly, I poke hsi white bar to make sure i get dmg, I avoid minion lines when i can (hard ot do AND farm but i try,) I CANNOT HIT HIM WITH SKILLSHOTS, I shoot a skill shot or aoe shot he dashes to a minion an dodges. I shoot a skill shot or ult, he wind walls. I cant trade with him. I cant farm deny him as his harass tool is also his evasion too and also farms for him and has a cool down shorter than your first time with a real woman. I can't build to counter him without sacrificing major MP. And after everything is told all he needs to do 2 kills behind i land 1 whirlwind and ult and he catches up. If i play the poke game i run out of mana WELL before he runs out of health. Like serious how do you counter this op pile of bad design?
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