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Is there a Chance that the new project based skin with no memory trace could be a new champion as the trace is lost Some people are speculating that the weapon could be {{champion:58}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:11}}or {{champion:24}} these are the main speculations. I doubt that it would be {{champion:58}} I mean he's a Crocodile. {{champion:39}} her weapon is nothing like this. {{champion:11}} and {{champion:24}} seem like the two most likely to me. master yi has his q alpha strike similar to the blade,{{champion:24}} on the other hand looks quite similar to the image shared by riot due to having many eyes and some form of hair coming out the top also the weapon itself has no significance to {{champion:24}}. But I believe it is most likely that this is a new champion I would like to here others thoughts. _what if Yone is not dead_
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