Punished for csing well

Why is it that when I play a ranked game and it hits 15 mins in game, turret plating falls, bots inted, jg's fed and I have a 500g bounty because I managed to cs properly the whole time. So now that I can keep up in items with the fed enemy I have just as high a bounty and that's supposed to be fair? How is it a 'comeback' for the enemy because I spent laning phase actually last hitting and not kill trading but as soon as the first team fight breaks out I have to worry about feeding more gold to the enemy? Bounties based off cs is incredibly stupid when someone has no kills and only cs'd well for 10 mins. Bounties should increase based on cs AFTER they stacked up some kills. It's not fair to get 4 man dove top and feed 500g to the enemy because you're not as boosted as the other 9 apes in game.
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