Done with league for good

70% of games I play I get feeders on my team, people that get 1v1'd over and over before 10min, or dont ward and die to ganks. Even to champs that they shouldnt, like my last game; an Ahri feeding a kayle before 10min. 25% is they have a feeder and MAYBE 1 in 20 games is evenly balanced and it plays out properly. The ranked system is broken for one reason and one reason only: **** RIot will not tie individual performance into LP gains and losses, so when bad people get carried **** There is a system in which Riot judges your individual performance from the game, why is this not taken into account for ***PERSONAL*** ranked point gains and losses. I look at the profiles of those that fed in the game and they have maybe one game in 10 where they get a KD over 3, which is semi respectable and the rest of the time its a 1-2KDA and they've been carried or fed. But they remain in the elo and rank they dont belong, ruining games for others. These people never do well, at all, they're always carried, they're never the carrier, but they get the same LP gains nonetheless. All their top played champions average under a 3 KDA. I played for a while a few years ago and got too frustrated trying to get promoted out of plat 1 because of boosted diamond players stuck in the elo feeding solo before 10min. Tried giving the game another go, only to tank 2 divisions in a matter of days due to game after game of other laners feeding like crazy so when mid game comes around, it's a stomping. I dont get to impact games at all, I just have to sit there and be a passenger while people play terribly and give others the win and I'm forced to be a part of it and suffer through. Uninstalling, won't be back.
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