Banned Toxic Chinese players are coming to OCE and ruining the game

**Disclaimer: before blindly calling me a raving racist, please read my points and take a moment to analyse them as they are not coming from a place of racism and are justified.** Having played lol in one since season 4 I have witnessed a rather strong uprising of players from the region of China entering the Oceania servers over the years. Why this matters: **Guaranteed toxic players** These Chinese players coming over have already been permanently banned from their own regions so it is not hard to conclude that the slice of the pie us OCE players come across are all toxic or have at least showed toxicity in the past. This means they are highly likely to continue their bad behavior over in OCE. **Choosing not to speak English** At first this complaint may seem petty. Of course servers have no preset "official language" and people shouldn't be discriminated if they can not communicate. All the Chinese players I have encountered in OCE have been able to understand and speak English (at the very least speak in broken English which is good enough for communication). The game will start off and you'll see these players communicating in English but as soon as something goes wrong they'll start spamming Mandarin in the chat (most often at you) God forbid there are 4 other Chinese players on your team, the game soon turns into a spam fest of Chinese characters, most often talking about the "dumb english guy". **They give up way too fast** These players tend to give up as soon as the game starts going south regardless if it is still winnable or not. They've died twice? Count the game over because they'll spam mandarin at the jungler for not ganking. instead of playing or simply afk. **They get away with their toxicity** Throughout games all i'll here is "cao ni ma" "sb" "retard american" and many other slurs that go unpunished regardless of reports. I can't count how many times I've been the only non Chinese player on my team and just been ganged up on relentlessly. **They are lagging** By default, these players are playing on 100-300ms due to the region difference. I put this as my last and least important argument because I understand that many other players choose to play in different regions not necessarily close to them and if they have reached a certain elo with that ping, they probably earned it and ar skillfull enough to not be considered detrimental at said elo. To conclude, I feel like it's pointless to say the "not all Chinese players are bad etc etc..." because of course oce is dealing with a niche slice of their community that as I previously mentioned is guaranteed to be toxic due to their past behavior. I'd like to see a region lock put into play that prevents these players for ruining the games for us OCE players. Edit: Although it may be more difficult for players from other regions to understand, the struggle the Australian and New Zealand playerbase go through, I assure you this is not an unpopular opinion for us OCE players. There are many threads online speaking about this same issue. I tried posting this on lolreddit twice but of course an automatic filter prevented me despite not using any racist lingo so there is a reason you won't see this talked about a lot there.
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