Are these traits common in ADC's and is my advice on the right track?

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So I've recently gotten back into ranked and I guess I do want to win. Norms are for fun and screwing around, but even then I still like to win like this game; Or playing with really unlikely Champs and doing surprisingly well with them; What I have noticed though is that in particular MID lane assassins go all in into fights they know they will lose when they give up winning lane and ADC's give up once they have a few deaths and can't win trades despite a great way to get back in the game by farm up under tower and clearing waves to defend turrets. The below advice or breakdown of the games I watched of them and participated in with them might give you some idea of the kind of players I think lose games when the chips are down or even when they are up; Dude you need to stop going for kills and get towers honestly I was watching your game with Bard and you had a massive lead that you did nothing with and late game you spent most of the time dead why did you not get lifesteal you would get a kill and then just die you were in the middle of the jungle whilst your team was trying to push top lane you spent too much time on your own i dont care how fed you are you get caught by riven and it was 50/50 if you lived you need to stick with your team that Garen carried that game not only did he get kills but killed towers if you had of stuck with Garen he could have tanked the damage whilst you blast em away from a distance lifesteal would have given you sustain you lacked your bard was good didn't have low CDR but his ults and stuns as well as picking off kills helped your team alot if you want to go into the jungle at least ward forget the jungle camps let the jg kill them even as a fed jinx you were getting low in the jg your job as the ADC is not to get kills your job is to mess up the enemy team and kill towers you got kills and occasionally tried to win the game but most of the time you spent cleaning up after your team did all the work great long range rockets, but in all honesty you were not there for your team most of the game and it went for as long as it did because you were not there to help I cannot believe your last game again in the jungle for no reason your minions did a better job than you did the minions were the only ones on your team to get a tower stop stuffing around in the jungle ward, clear minion waves and take towers that game proves that even without kills you can do damage so stop running around doing nothing tell your team mates the same thing dude out of the games i've seen you play recently you have not got kills and repeatedly get caught out in jungle it happens all the time if you can't help me duo then what is the point in playing ranked with you i duo with you because i thought you wanted to win and to learn but you continually ignore my advice sorry mate but i play norms to stuff about in and ranked to win I play a roaming support so i can help out "all" of my team mates if you leave me in lane i can't wave clear i can't ward if i leave you in lane you can farm up get fed through cs and still carry don't go in the jungle for no reason don't ward deep you are too important for damage either stay under tower or roam with me anything else is likely to fail Let me have it. Am I completely wrong or am I just not up with the current agreed upon way to win from behind (or in front)?
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