Champ Reworks?

So, this will physically hurt everyone's head. And I get that, so many of you are far from bright that even darkness is brighter than half you things. But does anyone actually take the time to learn the champs after a rework? I mean, I dun goofed and played vlad unaware of a rework since I saw nothing anywhere about it. But the big ones like Darius (since he had changes), Skarnsy, Taric (the main one right now since NO ONE i've come across today seems to know how he works), Mord and so on and so forth. It seems to cause physical brain damage to me to get other players to learn how champs that work well together. 2 people today (1 duo, 1 random) actually understood what to do after like 3-4 minutes into laning with me. Riot, I get you're condoning trolling and all this season, but you REALLY have to address this problem. Its making climbing outta hell for the 4th time a real f***ing s*** to do. To the point taking a massive s*** is easier to do than carry the crap you give me. I'd say peace out, but most of you belong in concentration camps from back in 1934 to 1945. Thats all.

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