Removing Sightstone? Are you high?

I just read that you're going to remove Sightstome and make the SS effect a quest reward.... Please, Please PLEASE don't do this. As a support main, I can see that this will only hurt the game. At the moment, it is possible to get a sightstone at around 8-10 minutes, which is a good, healthy time for your team to have vision. But, especially with tank supports, this change could extend that time out to as much as 25 minutes. We all knoiw the tank support struggle of getting Relic Shield procs. You have 3 stacks, walk in to proc the cannon and a couple melee minions, and the ADC takes asll of them. So you take a world of free poke, and get flamed. Leaving you with around 450 of 650 stacks at 20 minutes.... which is fine, because you have the hybrid support item giving you vision to keep you and your team safe. If you win your lane hard, and get a nice early tower, you no longer have the vision to be able to rotate, stay in lane, or do anything other than having the safe option of letting the enemy catch up. This change obliterates that idea. It is going to do nothing more than discourage people playing support even more, leading to a rash of supports playing overly aggressive so they can get SS earlier. Seriously scrap this idea, it's absolutely retarded.
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