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Just curious to see how many people actually do dislike the new whole '_everything is now blue essence_' system and prefer IP and blue essence separate. Me personally i think it wasn't the best idea in the world and was most likely to change things up and get more people interested but it has done the opposite. it makes it so, for new players, draft pick is a level 30+ only game mode as, for those of you unaware, the new system means that all currency is replaced by blue essence (BE) and also runes and masteries have been combined. However to gain said BE you can no longer gain it by winning a game, you only gain from disenchanting loot from loot boxes you get every level up that now have _"More stuff than usual"_ in them but you only start to properly gain BE once you level up from level 30 onward, but by this time it takes at least **10 WINS** to level up, and this only increases with further levelling therefore making it increasingly harder to gain BE and making the game a pay to play game... The average game of LoL takes about 30 minutes, however i have had some over an hour, and this undoubtedly is deterring players and forcing people to pay for in-game currency, riot points (RP). What **WAS** fun about league was the excitement of purchasing a new champion and learning to play a varied amount of champions in different lanes well. This has been completely **ERADICATED ** in my opinion. Sorry, rant over, please just let me know how you guys all feel about this, i may have over exaggerated at some points just let me know. I do completely understand that this is not riots fault and in fact it is that of _**Tencent**_ which is Chinese company that own 100% of riots market shares and therefore controls the economy. so This is** NOT**a choice made by Riot but one forced upon them by Tencent to increase their profits... Thanks guys! Noraa
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