Role Swap: Part 3 - Mid

Hello Summoners,

I’m here to present the next edition of Role Swap. Today we will be focusing on how we move to other roles from the mid lane position. While there are a tonne of fundamentals to League of Legends that apply to all role (Highly recommend watching this series), I will be focusing on some specific things to look at when moving from mid.


Some of the main differences to look out for in the top lane:

  • The lane is longer, if you are overextended it will take you a long time to reach the safety of your tower. (on the plus side there are less gank paths so make sure to ward up!)
  • Fighters and tanks are much more prevalent than mages and assassins. (note: there are top lane mages, but generally they don’t fit most team comps in solo queue)
  • Looking for teleport opportunities is significantly more important as you are quite isolated from the rest of the map

With the above in mind here are my two picks for mid laners to try out

Renekton is a pretty flexible top laner that can effectively be used as a fighter or tank (primarily a fighter though). His play pattern in lane includes quick ability trades (E-atk-W-atk-Q-E) which is relatively similar to a caster mage and having the option to E out makes his trades a lot safer than most top laners. In team fights Renekton is best when he has the freedom to dive the back line but can also be effective peeling and being a damage soak.

Pantheon is another caster like top laner who generally relies on abilities to trade and deal damage. You would play Pantheon similar to a mid lane assassin, generally looking for picks and flanking opportunities. Generally in the top lane you will be up against melee champions which means your Q will be a highly effective poke tool. While you are bullying the laning phase make sure to be aware of ganks! Its great to draw pressure to your lane, but make sure you waste their time not reward it with a death. Learning how and when to use his ulti to roam will be key in finding success with Pantheon in the top lane


Jungle is probably one of the hardest roles to master from most laning roles. It requires you to think of the game differently and also track the opposing jungler using your knowledge of pathing and timings. Highly recommend watching some streams or guides around junglers and doing a few clears in the practice tool before jumping into game.

I think Warwick is just a great beginner friendly jungle champion. He’s relatively safe in the jungle with his lifesteal, has good ganking tools built into all of his abilities and most importantly keeps reminding you that opportunities are around through bloodhunt. (People are below 50% health A LOT more than you think haha). Due to how easy and safe he can clear the jungle you can focus more on learning about jungle paths, timing and how to take advantage of ganks/counter ganks.

Elise is an AP mage/assassin. Need I say more. While it might seem daunting learning a champion in a new role that has 6 abilities, Elise is more simple than you think. She clears the jungle pretty well and has a very simple combo during ganks. Start in human form and use your E when you feel confident you can hit the stun (ideally after they use a dash or flash). Then use human Q - W transform and just Spider Q. (E - Q - W - R - Q). It does a tonne of damage and is great at picking off opponents while ganking. She also has rappel (spider e) which can be used to either gap close or as a zhonyas substitute.


After jungle I would say bottom is the hardest role to switch to. There are a lot of key differences to be mindful of when playing bot lane. There are 4 champions in lane, so you need to keep in mind more cooldowns!

  • You will need to learn how to synergise with whatever support champion you get paired with (comboing abilities like trading with Janna shield, or behaviour trading health a bit more in general when you have a soraka)
  • Your most effective there are people around you to peel and draw attention away from you (be wary of overextending or splitpushing alone...think twice before venturing out for that big wave for a assassin might lurk in the bushes)
  • Remember to stick around for objectives, Marksmen are generally the highest most consistent damage output vital to have around when taking towers, dragons and barons. (Don’t back after a won teamfight to shop and stay to take an objective or two if possible)

Like Warwick, Ashe is a great beginner marksmen that lets you focus on learning the basics of positioning and kiting. She has pretty high attack range (600!) and a slow to help ease you into kiting and positioning. She has a great engage/pick tool (Ult) that most marksmen don’t have to help get the team grouping more effectively and an ability that gives vision so you don’t have to face check mid to late game.

Fun fact: Ashe has higher base range than every other marksmen aside from Caitlyn. Only 4 other marksmen can outrange her with abilities. Tristana (lvl 9+ passive), Twitch (ult), Jinx (lvl 2 + Q, fishbones active) and kog’maw (with W active).

Lucian is probably one of the most mage like marksmen out there. Most of his damage comes from weaving auto atks between spells. I’ll leave the rest to Doublelift who can explain lucian much better than I

Bonus clip - this is the Lucian dream


Supports are probably relatively easy as there is a huge cross between champions that can be used in both roles, specifically mages. Champions like Zyra, Karma, Brand, Morgana etc all work in both the mid and support position. Generally you will be doing less damage than you are used to but the bonus is you won’t be a primary target since you’re the support. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Vision game is extremely important to League of Legends. Knowing where the enemy is is half the battle. Don’t be a support that doesn’t build sightstone please.
  • Getting deep jungle wards when possible safely can be huge in terms of not only information but the ability to invade buff spawns.
  • Controlling the Dragon river can lead to Dragon sneaks and or uncontested dragons.
  • Controlling the baron area can lead to baron sneaks or vital picks towards the end game.
  • Controlling jungle vision when first turrets are down can also prevent or lead to picks

Zyra is a mage and a lane bully in the bot lane. You’ll pick her up pretty easily as she plays just like any other mage (with some extra plant functionality) and she also does immense amounts of damage. She also has CC to boot which helps her fill the support role better in my opinion than the like of other damage mages like velkoz and brand.

Karma once again has seen play in mid lane and is actually really good in support as well. She brings moderate damage and poke in lane but is also able to provide buffs and cc too! Karma has a snare on W, a slow on empowered Q and a shield/movement speed buff on E (AOE if empowered).


Thanks for reading and remember to check out parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t already. I hope you find these helpful. If you have any questions or even advice feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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