The new runes are great minus one small issue everyone has encountered too many times. When creating new runes if you haven't saved the page and the game starts your page is closed and you are presented with a pop up that asks if you wish to save your changes. Obviously you would click yes, thank rito for having your back and making sure you don't take fleet on a mage. Except this button doesn't work. When making any changes to a page and you fail to click save you are stuck with what was on that page from the last time you clicked save. The popup doesn't save your runes when it should. Now you may say it's my fault for not looking at the timer and I rebut that by saying if I was last pick and I wanted zed, I would have a rune page set up for him. Then the previous pick picked zed. Now I have to select a new champ and get new runes for them. All this is less than one minute. So in 60 seconds it is unfair to make players find a new champion, lock in, select new summoner spells and finish a rune page all within the time limit or else tough luck you lose the next 20 mins getting slammed because you don't have proper runes. Welcome to season 9 summoners where shit still ain't fixed.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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