does anyone notice that ranked games are rigged

every time i start a game with a afk on my team, im never given the opportunity to remake, but if the enemy team has a afk they always get to remake, why is that? this mmr thing is nothing but a excuse riot uses to intentionally team people like me and others up with known afks and high death count players, because i seriously doubt all the players in platinum have half the amount of afks on their team as i have, yes im accusing every player in the higher ranks for having it easy, thats why they are in the top ranks, this is how ranked works for me 1. every series game has a afk or inting troll cause his angry 2. sometimes blocked from picking a champ in series match so im forced dodged, 3, in ranked im kicked from games when i have 15 seconds left to pick and the game lies and says i dodged, the game lies, 4. cant remake when a team mate has dc'd when the game starts, but the enemy team gets to every time how is this fair? im sick of losing to bullshit and not genuine fair gameplay and no one says or does anything about it
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