Nasus & Wither

I know you coming here you expect a huge rant about how overpowered Nasus is or so, but I was wondering what do you guys, the majority of the community think of it? In my pov instead of making it slowing you more across the duration like its name suggests, it should decay like most other slows that slows for a lot and a good amount of time for e.g Glitterlance. If it lasted for 2 seconds and it kept its effect I would mind it as much but it's pretty annoying for people without a gapcloser or even with one but little to no kiting potential, Wither makes it a bit too easy for ganks to be made or roams from the mid / bot lane. I've seen things where even if the top laner spots the jungler at the river, Nasus can wither and repeatedly beat at the person for free damage and cause them to practically lose the lane without a gank due to them having to burn flash or burning flash and end up still dying. I find his kit pretty well balanced and there's nothing much about him, his core ability in my pov is not his Q but rather Wither that makes him so strong in the mid game.
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