Shyvana now useless?

I'm not USUALLY one for hyperbole when not completely intentional to make a point. But when I say this, I mean it in all sincerity; Shyv is now useless without Sated Devourer. She has and never will be a tank, she can get 'tanky' sure, but a tank without any type of control skills, no stuns, no slows, no knockback (ult doesn't count, mid fight knockback aint worth crap, especially if it screws your team's positioning, or misses despite a seemingly direct hit, easy to dodge as well), no silence (I mean even Garen has that) or anything else you could consider CC. I mean, don't get me wrong, you can still do things, get a few kills, wittle people down when you run/ult into lane for your teammates. But in terms of mid/late game, where she's meant to shine, she now doesn't even have the burst associated with sated+THydra (and even Trinity Force if you want to pretty much 1 shot squishies). I mean even if you switch it up, go Cinderhulk and try to replace Devourer with Witt's End, BorK or otherwise, it's a 2nd rate Shyv, she just doesn't do anything close to what she used to. On top of this, the loss of the boot enchant makes it harder to stay on top of the enemy team quite often (not immensely harder, but it's still a nerf to her core mechanic/strengths, like pretty much everything this patch, it seems =P) Overall I think Shyv has no power spike and no role to fill anymore. Despite being a mid/late game champ, she's mostly good early game, and drops off mid to late without devourer as she has almost nothing to bring to a fight but running around hitting things (ie. like Garen, who is also useless in any real match).
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