Main For A Returning Player?

So I quit the game for about 2 months and due to there being no other games that interested me I’ve decided to come back to the game. But I have a problem, I have no idea who to main or play. This was partly the reason why I quit the game in the first place. I know there are over 140 champions but I have no idea who I like playing since I’ve gotten bored of pretty much everything. I know I can go back to Rakan and Morgana as I have thoroughly enjoyed those champions but I want something new other than support. I want someone who can impact a team fight and do (aoe) damage having some cc and sustainability or escape. I tend to be very indecisive about my champions and very critical, for example: Zed, a champion who is insanely hard to master and learn. You pretty much need to hit everything and learn combos and be very quick with your fingers. I am looking for someone not as hard as a champion as Zed or Riven etc or an easy champion as Garen or Annie.

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