My ranked journey the last 4 days. (1 win 10 losses)

Hey everyone, **TL:DR** - Check out my 1w/10 loss streak below. I wanted to point out that in each of these games it was easy for me to point and blame team mates for the loss and just leave it at that. But after each game it was possible for me to review and learn something, this meant that even though I was frustrated and tilted and depressed I was still (hopefully) improving and learning after each game. When I go through this I always think about how this is only 11 games out of 524. Historically I have talked a lot to players around what kind of mind set you should have when it comes to ranked and why you should always focus on your own play rather than looking to blame others. I was reflecting on my recent terrible streak and thought it would be a good opportunity to show how I deal with games where I feel like I was let down by certain players on my team. The first thing to keep in mind is, none of my team mates wanted to lose lane/game. All of them wanted to play well and win just like me. I think this is actually something a lot of players who complain about their team mates seems to over look. No one queues up for Ranked looking to lose, we all want to win. Sometimes people have bad games and that's okay. Just to add in a note here about these specific 11 games there were multiple times where a player did bad on my team then I played against them and they did well. I'm not going to lie and say these last 11 games were just as good as the games before hand. It's been a frustrating experience going through games where you felt like you should win but you don't. So through out these 11 games. I really felt like I played relatively well. I don't think I should have won all the games but there were definitely some games where I felt like I should win but ended up losing (which happens). Its important to keep in mind that I have played 524 Ranked games total this season. There have been games where I do well and lose, and also games where I do bad and win. But once in a while you will come across a streak where nothing goes your way, it happens and it sucks but there is always something you can get out of each game. When I first reviewed these games it was really easy for me to just isolate and blame certain team mates in each game and just write it off as " oh X Y Z team mates played bad so I lost". But upon further review there was actually a lot I could have done better in each and every game, it might not have changed the game into a win. But if I made better decisions and less mistakes in these games I could increase my chance of winning. Read below about each game and I would love to hear what you guys think about my recent loss streak. Note - the images are from the ratings you see is how the website rates each of your games. **Game 1** - I played Nocturne Jungle. Overall our team did well except for Lux who had a bad game. She ended up afking before the game ended, definitely felt it was winnable regardless. Key Learning - Eve stole 2 Jungle camps from me early game. I need to learn how to play around aggressive junglers better. **Game 2** - I played Diana mid. This was a tough game, I was slightly winning mid but all other roles were losing (especially Jax top). Nidalee was raging hard at Jax which didn't help. Key Learning - I didn't do a good job of roaming and trying to pressure other lanes with my lead. I ended up dying a lot due to frustration as well which didn't help **Game 3** - I played terribly. I tilted (Without realizing) and just picked a champion that I wanted to play rather than one I was good at or fit with our team. We actually made a big comeback during this game but we got cocky and threw, rip. Key Learning - If I don't have a good reason for picking a certain champ, and I play something because I feel like it....I am tilting. **Game 4** - I didn't win my lane, I couldn't build a lead. While in this game it really did feel like Vayne let the team down there was still a lot lacking from my own game play. Nid was raging at Vayne which was pretty unhelpful as well. Key Learning - Morde OP, also be really aware of positioning when behind and split pushing. Got caught out by Morde a few times. **Game 5** - Gangplank on our team never connected. Our team was actually pretty good, I made a few errors trying to fight Cho'gath mid game. Key learning - don't try fight a cho when you are filling mid as jungle. Maybe build tank first when behind **Game 6** - This was an interesting game. I played Diana mid, our team also had an AP Rengar. Their Tyrndamere required 2-3 people top to kill him which meant we lost control of the map. Key Learning - Had a teleport bot that went wrong they had 3 low health but Janna had ult and outplayed me. Need to keep track of key ultimates better. **Game 7** - I fell behind early to Pantheon who got FB on brand off an invade and started with an extra long sword. Their Noct mid snowballed hard off Brand. It didn't help that brand built Mejais first while behind. Key Learning - need to play extremely safe against panth who has an early lead, might need to look to roam or freeze lane **Game 8** - Yay a win! was skeptical of the twitch jungle especially after 7 losses in a row. But stayed positive and he camped my mid. Every lane won as well which is nice. **Game 9** - I played bad, their Xin was really good. (note to self - don't die getting random cs after your ADC just died) **Game 10** - We got 4 kills to start the game!!! then Naut DC and we lost (Note to self - need to practice body slam flash combo) **Game 11** - Not good enough to carry, had a 30 cs lead at 10 minutes but couldn't convert the advantage into anything meaningful. Rengar had a bad game (he did 4.4k champ damage in 33 minutes) ( note to self - need to find a way to transfer 20+ minion advantage to map presence)
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