Max Attack Speed at lvl 1

I did math. I have a habit of finding the most of whatever at level 1. Here's what I found: Max Rune Attack Speed: ((Quints=13.5), (Marks=15.3), (Glyphs=5.76), (Seals=6.84)) = 41.4%. Items at Level 1: Dagger gives 12%. Masteries: Fury gives 4%. When playing Olaf: At 99% Health (since you can't have 100% or you'll be dead) you will have 99%. Nidalee 'E' Ability: Gives 20% at level 1. Ezreal 'W' Ability: Gives 20% at level 1. Warwick 'W' Ability: Gives 40% at level 1. Jarvan IV 'E' Ability: Gives 10% at level 1. The total amount of attack speed at level 1 is 246.4%. If you can do math as well and find a different answer then good for you, I am simply just trying to give a rough number of what is achievable.
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