Can support Carry?

So obviously i cant carry as support by the means of getting fed I'm in bronze and i feel i may have been "carrying" in the way that i have been helping the adc or mid get fed. Peeling fgor them setting up the kills and so on Then i find in bronze the biggest issue is they do not know when an objective is a good idea, Or what objective is good so for example... we killed 3 or 4 of them and they all started splitting up.. I pinged the hell out of mid saying Push mid hard We pushed mid and got the inhib then i noticed top and bot pushing.. i pinged 2 to top and 3 bot the response was what about mid? I replied " if they defend us they dont defend mid, and mid will push into base if they decide to hold mid and defend us then they will be weak We then all grouped and just pushed bot instead they tried to hold mid and bot.. we killed at bot and then the mid guys decided to come try a 2 v 5 We killed them and took inhib.. 4 dead now.. then my team started saying Baren baren baren.. I pinged no!! end game 4 dead 5 of us go go go! We went in killed last guy took tower, they started to spawn, 3 got the respawns 2 got tower and then All went for nexus ow im not sure if this is classified as a carry but commanding the team as a support felt great and exhausting al at once. thats my story.. 3 wins in a row doing this.. most wins in a row ive had in a long time :)
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