What is the point of turning ip to blue essence ?

I'm wondering what is the point of thing since today and since we cant get BE after games and we cant increase our be if we dont have any champ shards,i feel like riot wants to force us to buy champions with rp ? Can you explain me the opposite if my theory isnt true ? I know about mystery champion but it's also with be.Also i know about honor capsules after level up but i also need be for unlock them for perma.I thought i'll be able to unlock champs faster but it's way too much slower and tbh it's almost impossible for free to play players like me.I liked lol because riot was a good company that doing their best for their players but now i have doubts about riot wants to turn into game a pay to win game.I dont know any other way to get blue essences or champs except those things i said.It's really too hard to unlock champs or mastery for champs and i feel like none of riot staff will answer this topic.And please say if you think riot made the game pay to win and riot is forcing us to buy champs with rp if you agree with me.Thank you
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