Jungle XP, did it do what riot wanted?

So I can not remember exactly where I remwmber reading this but riot said they are nerfing jungle XP because junglers are influencing lanes to much. So did the changes to the jungle this patch 9.2 go as riot planned? To put simply no, not really. Let's go over the changes real quick. Xp for all camps and scuttles nerfed, Xp scaling now every 2nd level instead of evey level. So what does this actually mean for the jungle meta, and what does it mean for laners? Basically the 1st clear has not changed at all, so early game junglers that do red into a gank are still going to do that. That being said it is now efficient to stay in lanes longer and soak up that juicy lane xp. With the changes to the xp, if yoi get counter jungled it actually does not hurt as much as it used to. Now ganking as a jungler the beat thing to do is gank and repeat gank over and over. Doing this foeces the enemy out of lane allowing the laners to pusb waves and get plating. If you get counter jungled you will not lose to much as the gold you get from lane and most of all the XP you get from lane will more then enough. Infact if you are coubter jungled and you stay in lane to push you will no longer be behind on XP. Riot wanted jungle to not effect lanes as much in the early game. Junglers were very strong and often won lanes woth ganks. Now with the Xp nerfs it is better to constantly gank leech xp maybe a cs or 2 anf push for plates. Most high elo junglers are doing this now and although jungle is not dead or anything the xp nerfs have actually done the opposite of what riot wanted. All in all, laners be prepared to get camped and get camped HARD! I can't see the changes staying for long because of how hard junglers are camping lanes now.
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