How to counter this Champion...

Guess who: Has 4.5k health by late game, does at least 240 AD with full build and usually has around 2.00 attack speed and has the hardest skillshot in the game. Has stuns every 5 or so seconds, one of the fastest champions in the game and has one of the stronger shields in the game. Can out push 3 people and single handedly win the game for some noobs. Hint: **it's Udyr** Riot's fix: **buff the Cinderhulk enchant.** Ok, how exactly do you counter Udyr? CC? stun him 3 times and he'll still catch up Armour? that's only stopping him from killing you and preventing you from building more AD to kill him and his team. Damage? he has 4.5k hp and a shield every few seconds, get in his range to attack him and he'll stun you and eventually finish you off **Yes, I am in bronze. Yes, I know I am terrible.** That's why I'm asking... (inb4 someone tries to make up some bs on how he's only strong because I'm in Bronze, it's not like he gets a nerf once you reach higher elo)
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