Reccomend stay with old client as long as you can !

The new Client is so much worse than the old one, 1. the sound still plays in background when you minimise client, old one sound stopped when you minimised it. 2. The Post Game Screen gives you less information than previously, you cant even tell if everyone was level 30 or if you had level 25 players in your game which you could tell just by mouseover with old client 3. You cant check details on recently played players you played with against in a recently played tab next to social tab like you had in old client..... so unless you add people in post game screen you have to manually look up who was in game and type their name in rather than just being able to go to recently played with, view profile to see details of who you played with/against. 4. No history of notifications , like you missed a queue message would stay there for you to see it later, that no longer viewable/exists..... 5. Cant resize. 6. Cant hide friends list. 7. Its now harder to see if your daily win bonus is available 8. Less information is given to you when a queue pops than previously. 9. Changing region now closes the client, previous client was able to change region without restarting. 10. New client lags badly 11. Post game lobby no longer tells you in the chat window when people have left it. Its like riot outsourced the programming for this new client to India/China... Basic stuff thought they'd add but havent Theres still no way to "log out" of client. Theres still no "amount of damage shielded" chart for shield supports to know how much they "healed" for. You cant hide offline people, hide mobile people, Cant sort by rank (solo/duo or 5v5 ranks seperately sorted) im sure theres more stuff I haven't noticed yet.
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