So i am on a winning streak of 3 games (which is good for silver trust me on that) and i get into a que where the adc does not know how to bot and would like to switch places with someone, so me being a hero i say yes i will swap, we then get to the last pick jg and they chose soraka. I have never heard of soraka jg but enlighten me if it is new meta. So i think whatever ill let it slide and not dodge, i then get into the loading screen and proceed to check OP.GG and of i see this The soraka Jg on our team is B5 and i am in a match with all S5's exept her (im S5 75LP) now my MMR was 1225 at the time so i dont understand how this could have happend, i looked up the soraka's past matchs and they where majority losses compared to my matchs which where 5 wins 1 loss all positive kd. i dont understand how this B5 player got into my game. Please i need an explanation for this. Suprise Suprise we lost that match, and i tilted off the face of the earth
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