Platinum Strategy Guide - For Community Scrutiny

Hi, I am platinum 4 player (jungle main, mid secondary), with my peak rank being platinum 2. Please scrutinize and criticize to help me improve with the below added suggestions. **All Game: Essentials** 1. Constantly check mini-map – see where enemies ward (particularly if jungling, or playing a mid/support roam-champion) 2. Check the scoreboard frequently– enemy KDA, cs, in particular everyone’s items, who’s fed? Who’s strong right now in this game? (Remember all the times you died thinking "WTF how fed are they!?") 3. Maximize gold/second individually and on a team-level(objectives) while minimizing the enemy's gold/second 4. Ward **5. Buy and use pink-wards** 6. Ward clear 7. Utilize pings when: - You know the location of the enemy jungler - When you are ganking - When an enemy goes MIA from any lane (yes it would help if you called MIA for other lanes) 8. Call out used summoner spells (flash has a 5-minute CD) 9. React quickly: is a good website to practice your clicking speed 10. Prioritize getting to a fight (if you can make it in time) > farming 11. Don't you dare rage and tilt your team-mates if you have the desire to win 12. Ward the dragon bushes at 1:20 for SC control/info of enemy jg's position and pathing _13. Use early advantages, snowball objectives off this However 14. If behind, options to come back are: - Power farm back into the game (if early game) - Make picks(if late game)_ **All Game: More Particular Tips** 1. Enemies are likely to go back after they push/after achieving an objective 2. When appropriate, upon ward clear, deceive the enemy as to which way you are going 3. When in enemy jungle kill (with aa) their jump-buds 4. Optionally, kill the enemy jg just before their buff comes up so you can steal their buff and put them behind 5. When trying to freeze a lane, wait until the very last moment (i.e. when the aa of your minion is about to kill the enemy minion) to kill minions **Early Game** 1. Track the enemy jungler 2. If your jungler is losing play safe in the lanes 3. Early game is about capitilazing (killing, punishing, out-farming them (may include zoning them off farm) denying them farm/gold/camps on the enemy and achieving a gold lead) **Late Game** When doing baron, if the enemy can contest, have someone distract them **Pre-Game; The Game Begins with your Mentality Going into the Game** **Pre-Game: Simply** - Use /mute all always - Remove distractions - Have water ready to drink throughout game - Take a 5-10 minute break after every game: go for a walk, get a drink, stretch outside **Pre-Game: Mentality** 1. Focus on your own gameplay, not your team-mates 2. Expect your team to feed 3. Focus 4. Don’t lose your temper **Pre-Game: Strategy** - Think lane matchups, jungle 2v2 gank matchups, 5v5 matchups, think of how matchups play out - Think does your team have: 1. High/low DPS (damage-per-second) as a strength/weakness? 2. High/low sustain/tankiness as a strength/weakness? 3. High/low CC as a strength/weakness? 4. Engage tools (cc/gap close)or lack-of as a strength/weakness? 5. Wombo-combo ability or lack-of as a strength/weakness? 6. Combining your team’s: gap-close, DPS and CC ability, is your team strong at making picks (picking-off enemies) as a strength/weakness? **- Understand your TEAM’S (don’t think individually, this is a team game) win condition based on your strengths and weaknesses** **Playing Jungle** <<<1.>>> Primarily protect your laners! --> Ward jg entries/exit points(helps track the enemy jungler and predict their ganks) --> Get scuttle crabs --> Ping danger when they're getting ganked --> Call MIA for all lanes --> Counter-gank, counter-ganking is the best use of your time i.e. of highest priority) <<2.>> Maximizing gold/second - Gromp + blue together - Efficient jungle routing: e.g. buffopposite side Scuttle Crab, other buff - Move towards next camp slightly while doing camp - Out-path your opposing jungler for the purpose of maximizing gold/second (think of their living camps as a part of your jungle path) <<3.>> Ask if lanes are warded prior to ganking <<4.>> Beware of counter-ganks, anticipate the possibility (which spots can the enemy jungler be waiting/hiding) and be prepared in your mind to win that 2v2 or 3v3 <<5.>> Use F2,F3,F4 constantly while: moving between camps and farming the jungle to check the lanes -->the enemy just used their escape (e.g. zed w), I may be able to gank them! -->bot is about to get ganked and I'm top, I can get rift herald, or if I can kill top we'll kill-->turret otherwise if we can't turret we'll rift after the kill. If you can't kill top and rift-herald isn't up then counter-jungle top-side or gank mid <<6.>> Before ganking bot, check if bot laner has a pink, if he does, tell him to use it in-your-route/hiding-brush <7.> Kite monsters in jungle <8.> Don't AFK farm In high elo when you’re vsing a good jungler you’re probably going to see them early game <9.> Be-careful when counter-jungling, think of how you are going to escape Finally, never surrender.
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