Frustration at its finest

I understand that it's not ranked or anything but at the same time I find it very frustrating to see someone effectively suicide into the enemy team by racing ahead of their own team who are way behind the enemy team and basically dying trying to force an initiate within mere seconds only to claim you are just learning your champion. I do not think there is a single champion where throwing yourself into the enemy team when your own team is behind forcing an initiation 4v5 was ever a good idea and not champion specific. What frustrates me most is not that they fed but rather how bad of a decision they made only to blame another player for the outrageously bad decision. Like earlier I had a {{champion:113}} going 2/11/9 in score, the enemy team had a very fed Darius and Twitch. Now in what situation is dashing into the enemy team headfirst a good idea that rather than simply stall the game out so that we can at least deal with the Darius if he tries to engage us but instead our jungle just suicides and lets them quickly overwhelm us and push to victory to which {{champion:113}} blamed Quinn for not being with us to initiate where I think with or without quinn simply engaging was suicide. To be honest, I'm not sure if you would see this in ranked very often but in normals and is frankly annoying. This isn't really a topic of ya know trying to get Riot to do something but rather just me venting in frustration over how terrible of a decision that players tend to make that even they are just learning a champion that would basically kill even fed tanks.
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