Riot is killing the old champions

Background: I am a player since S1, have played fiddlesticks for over 4 years and about 5000 matches with him. Argument: Riot is killing the old champions. Quote Meddler "we're trending away from abilities like Morgana's Dark Binding, Rammus' Puncturing Taunt or Fiddlestick's Fear with extremely long CC durations via a single skill" It's become clear that riot has made a decision on balancing the game with the following tweaks: 1.Limiting jungler movement.(By adding buffs to camps, monster dealing more damage, adding river sight control) 2.Control laning style(dragon is now so strong that top lane is bundled with teleport) 3.Item options becomes narrow, less snowball, securing gameplay(items now have only offensive, defensive,utility) 4.Removing playstyles othee than stardard champions designed for the old rift no longer fits in the new rift, of coz riot noticed that and remake are made(eve still not working, hemi still not working), look at the old champion list: Annie - too op cause no new champions deal much damage, got nerfed stun and damage Twisted Fate - global gold, too good for pro teams Alistar - somehow able to lane, ultimate got changed again and again but still too good Fiddlesticks - Fear from 3 to 2.25, later patches nerfing E to silence once only Kayle - Slow removed Master Yi - gone pentakill AP YI Nunu - try to merge into the new game, but consume is too strong so hes gone again Sion - soild stuns? no, lifesteal ult? no. Amumu - massive damage nerf Rammus - taunt 3 to 2.25, nerfed Q they either too strong or too weak to play in current meta more weak ones:Jax, Cho'Gath, Gangplank, Dr. Mundo, Nasus, Mordekaiser, Shen So riot killed them, and they are perpared for more rework which will never work because they will never hard rework a champion after eve and hemi failure. Yes the game goes on with EU style and op champion. Limiting the gameplay is awful, lack of creativity. People always blame about match making, say how I meet that guy doing so bad, and both of them go AFK. I say its not their fault but riot make this game so one-side when top lane give first blood and the whole team start yelling. Back in S1, champions are much more tanky, many options and towers are not easy to go down. Nowadays you put champions like zed riven into the zoo, making them pick champion with mobility to counter it. which only countered by mobility. A loop of "I need more mobility" goes on and on, riven released with 4 mobility spell and 2 cc and shields. first, it's the champions getting base speed second, it's the "summoners spell" provide more mobility (heal) third, it's the item "support speed up kit" provide more mobility forth, it's the support champions granted AP radio mobility after that, mobility boots then, "support slow down kit" now stick with starting item (Twin Shadows, Frost Queen's Claim) god sake, Stalker's Blade for jungler and river speed up boost In conclusion, mobility made the game less random, adc kite better, support peel better, getting off guards and ambush near impossible. Game must be played in structured set of rules and instead of rewarding from getting an objective, you punished by not getting an objective. TL:DR Killing CC in old champions wont save your game, stop adding the mobility does. PS sorry for bad grammar but I sincerely think riot is somehow retard right now, can't find a better word for it, it's like cutting toes to fit the shoes. {{champion:9}} ckyc
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