BLIND PICK - Lane Selection

Just a thought... If your under lvl 25....(like me, yes I know I suck/noob/ whatever, your better than me and I am fine with that) have to play Normal Blind Pick games. Can't play Team Builder ones. In Blind Pick games the lanes are selected by the first person into chat typing whatever lane they want, then the second person into chat selects out of the other 4 lanes left, third person...and so on and so forth. Fastest computer basically wins, this system actually works but could be better. There is a loading bug where the order of chat differs from player screen to player screen which creates confusion and can lead to arguments. Time and time again I have typed a lane I want a split second after someone else has. Even tho I typed it second it shows on my computer screen as me first which is confusing for all involved. I have no problems giving up the lane in this situation but some people refuse to play ball and argue till they get the lane that wasn't rightfully theirs. Could this be solved by having lane check boxes...Top, Mid, JG, Bot, Sup. The exact same as above where the first person into champion select gets first pick of lane, but instead of typing it, selects the box and locks it in removing it from the other players choice. Second person gets second pick from the remaining 4 lanes and locks it on and so forth. This is exactly the same as the current method but removing the chat bug and any arguments involved. Just a thought...Yes? No? Your thoughts? Que trolls now
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