Blue Essence

I have been playing league for a while and I believe the (not so new) currency "blue essence", although a good concept, needs some changes. * For a start, saving up to buy new champions is incredibly hard. The only way to get blue essence is to get tiny amounts out of capsules and chests. Disenchanting our own champion shards for a halfway decent amount isn't a very good method. With the old IP, we would get a bit every game, which i believe worked fine. * I understand that this makes the players buy RP for champions, therefore paying money, but we aren't happy with that. I have an entire list of champions i want to try but i cant cause i dont have the essence:{{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} And not forgetting the new champion Pyke{{champion:555}} , which i bought RP specifically to purchase him. Weekly rotations wont always show the champions we are want, and even if it does, we only have a week to play them. In conclusion, i think that Riot should (a) Decrease the blue essence cost of champions (b) implement a similar system as the private skin shop, but with champs, or (c) (optional) Add in a system that every week, we choose an un-owned champ, and for that week, we can play them for free, although this doesnt solve the problem entirely. Feel free to share your own ideas. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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