OK! Is riot going to update their MMR system properly or am dreaming again?

I know they are looking to update the games mmr in a way where you're ranked by how well you play the position you are given (which in itself could be a very big cheese strat for boosters but w/e) but are we still going to get lets say an Iron1 player in our gold games? and if so are they getting 100LP? This has never really been a massive concern of mine until everyone made new accounts to snipe streamers. For quite a few games now i have had iron/bronze/silvers in my team with high a high mmr (according to OP.GG) but they will be on massive loss streaks or not even that great they just had a few games where they carried for their elo and have been placed in a gold game and get romperstomped. I understand there is alot of smurfs trying to ruin low elo but come on man dont punish people for being able to carry in their elo by throwing them against people that understand how to come back or know what they're doing. I have never agreed with even a smurf being in bronze and vsing golds like wot why?
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