Autofill in Ranked Solo Q for lower rank

So, as many people have probably noticed, solo q is back! Which is fantastic *applause* however due to the small player base of the OCE server autofill is enabled. I am a simple Gold 5 player that wishes to play to the best of my ability. I find it awesome that soloq is back yet I feel that having autofill in it slightly contradicts the purpose of soloq (especially with the system of being able to choose 2 positions and it being in lower ranks). Now I understand that if one is truly "skilled" one can climb regardless of position. However, I do not solely play to climb, I play to have fun and for myself playing a position that I did not choose limits both my ability to climb (since I am not that skilled) and my capacity to have "fun". I'm not saying that other roles are less fun objectively, this is a subjective matter that differs from individual to individual. What I wish ultimately and simply is for autofill to go away. I definitely see the need for it and agree it is a decent solution, and a great one in the elite echelons of soloq (master/challenger). I understand further that autofill probably will not simply vanish due to the implications (longer wait time, lesser quality in matches). I am sure this sort of conversation has occurred in Riot and the decision to input autofill not easily made. Yet I would like to know in greater depth the reasons why it was made and the reasoning behind it. Additionally if any Rioter's are reading this and possess shareable knowledge; are you working on a longer term 'solution'? Cordially, B u
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