Have Riot given up on Crit?

I really don't get why this stat hasn't been changed to % damage increase to autoattacks yet (up to a cap of +100% just like crit chance), the only semi good argument ive ever heard for keeping it was that the big flashy numbers were cool. Yea they might be cool but you could always just change it so that the more damage you dealt with attacks the bigger the number gets and when its high enough you get the red explosion look (does anyone actually care about the big numbers?). So theres one upside that could be easily solved but plenty of downsides, like winning/losing from RNG (I know its stacked by riot to work better but its still not perfect) and the annoying moment where you crit a minion just not killing it as it dies to minions (I know its happened to everyone thats played ADC enough). Maybe they just can't be bothered changing it and coding in the new stuff but if that is the reason its kinda sad. Even arguments like it would ruin Yasuo, Ashe or gangplank, it wouldn't because there passives/ability could just work off the new % damage increase the same way. For infinity edge it could just increase that % by an extra 50%, so 10% becomes 15% etc. It would give the exact same DPS just without the RNG aspect involved. What does everyone think? do you think its worth changing or do you just not give a single shit? ive never liked crit in any game from Pokemon to Fire emblem. Throw me any rebuttals you can think of, im sure I can counter argue them. Would be really awesome if a Riot developer answered if they were working on crits or have just given up on them.
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