People who create accounts to stomp low tier players are making this game antifun and destroying OCE

Before i start i want to make something clear. "Alts" Otherwise known as alternate accounts or secondary accounts are created and quickly jumped through the ranks to a very similar rank of the primary account. Perfect example is Raydere from Chief-Esports who has multiple accounts in challenger. "Smurfs" or throw-away accounts are created to stomp low tier players, or boost under the masquerade of "playing with friends" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont have a problem with alt accounts, i can understand the reason behind them, but smurfs i cannot. 3 things generally follow these people. 1. They feed so they can play with friends. IE: feeding from Silver 1 down to Silver 3 to play with a Bronze 4 player. thus ruining games at their current elo, then compounding the issue by destroying the games he/she is boosting for thier bronze friend. This also means that when said friend starts to play alone agian, they cant handle and destroy even more games for other players. 2. They will purposely fail their promos to stay in an elo. 3. Occasionally will be vocaly vulgar, belittle and taunt. lets look at the level of destruction: _Numbers are just an example, can be greater or smaller. but the point im making is the same._ Smurf loses 10 games to demote to desired lvl to boost/play with friend. Smurf than stomps 10 games for Friend to assist them. Friend plays on their own and loses 60% of their games. 6/10 Thats a total of 26 games ruined! and thats just from one smurf and one friend. and sadly that cycle may repeat a few days later. ------------------------ I'm not saying smurfs are the sole reason people lose, but they are certainly moving up the list and becoming more common. Games dont feel like my elo anymore. they are jumbled, frustrating and confusing. With a low population something needs to change.
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