Recommend me a champ?

Hi all, I'm looking for a champ to play when queued with my mates (they are a lot better than me so matchmaking seems to not be in my favor). Specifically somebody who can still be useful when behind and but with a decent skill-cap because I tend to get a bit bored with one-dimensional champs. Preferably also having decent sustain (either self-heals or life-steal) and good versatility (not being only good in the early or late game for example). I don't really care if they cant 1v5 carry a game and not too fussed about what lane as long as its not support since there's a few sup's that I do well enough with already. For reference I like champs like: {{champion:83}} {{champion:90}}{{champion:107}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:37}} and dislike champs like: {{champion:84}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:238}} Don't really know if there is a common theme there so take it as you will.

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